Printed Chemistry: A Technical Love Story Kindle Edition

Hi, I am Riya, an Engineer by profession, an athlete by choice and a writer by passion. People say, behind every successful man there is a woman. Did you ever think behind every successful woman there is a man too? Read my story to know what happens when I meet Rohit, a perfectionist and a technocrat. “Printed Chemistry” is an untold Love story of two Technocrats. Welcome on board to the Technical Journey of Riya and Rohit.

Being Indian

From India's Independence till now and in mere future ever thought of how India has grown in terms of its rich culture, sports, tourism, languages and history and making our nation a better place for living. As we are stepping into digital world, its really important to know what it takes to be "Being Indian". This book is a store to explore more about the transforming India which will definitely leave every reader an interesting experience.

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