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Jeff Bezos: Inspiring Journey from an Investment Banker to the World’s Richest Man

Jeff Bezos or alternatively the giant Amazon! Do you agree?

His story from being an investment banker to the richest man in the world is extraordinary. Jeff had an amazing childhood experience which helped him to become the best in whatever he does in his life. After the devastating divorce of his parents, he started living with his grandparents from the age of 4 till the age of 16. During his stay in the countryside, he started helping his grandfather with cattle and farming. As a typical Jeff, he was good at whatever does.

Jeff Bezos Childhood

Jeff Bezos’s Grandmother was a chain smoker. Those days in American media, one advertisement was popular on smokers. Which mentioned that one cigarette can take off 11 minutes of one’s life. Jeff took it on a serious note and one day he was travelling with his grand parents and saw his grandmother smoking so, he started calculating her lifespan. He mentioned it loudly after finding an answer on the face of his grandmother.

This nature of Jeff Bezos teaches us, “Always try to keep on improving things everything and anything you are involved with”.

His grandfather stopped the car and took him to the side and told him something which has changed Jeff’s life to a great extent. He said “It’s harder to be kind than clever” and asked Jeff to remember this for the lifetime. Jeff considered this as the greatest learning of his life.

With the learnings from his childhood, he continued working hard and became the investment banker at the Silicon Valley. Not only this, the road was never been so easy for him, he also took several odd jobs before settling as an investment banker. Unlike any of the entrepreneur on earth, he was never ready to get settled with less. He was always passionate about computer since his childhood. He learnt few of its skills during the school days and that helped in growing his interest in computer. He says Self improvement must be a continuous process.

Jeff Bezos Wife

Even though entrepreneurship is completely different from investment banking. Jeff Bezos considered to take risk and one fine day, he left his job and shared with his wife that he wants to start a company. Without even wasting a single moment, Mackenzie Scott nodded a yes and said, “let’s go for it”. Jeff started Amazon on 5th of July 1994 at the age of 30.

“Age is just a number. Your entrepreneurial Journey can start now, yes right now!”

The reason why Jeff Bezos started Amazon as a Book’s model was it will have a vast category which will help him to onboard a huge customer base. At the initial stage it was only Jeff and his wife doing everything needed in the company. Mackenzie managed accounting for the first year whereas she was not being interested at it but Jeff mentioned in one of his interviews that she did her best in accounting.

Soon in the year 2002, Amazon got bankrupted clearly because of small local businesses which gave a huge competition. And also, large overhead expenses with 156 employees which needed 60 million USD per year to manage. What if Jeff would have stopped there? He didn’t stop there, continued working hard and reach where he is today, “The world’s wealthiest person”.

Jeff Bezos net worth in USD

Today, amazon is having 11,25,300 number of employees with a net worth of 1.7 trillion USD. Which makes Jeff Bezos the gutsiest person of the world with a net worth of 190 billion USD. He says, “Any individual can do mistakes, listen to the criticism, look at the mirror and if you feel the critics are right, then change it immediately”.

Few of the learnings from Jeff Bezos:

  • Always focus on customers not on sales.

  • Be original, always follow your convictions.

  • If you have some gifted skills, never be proud of them.

  • In the end, we are our own choices, build yourself a great story.

  • Self-improvement must be a continuous process, so you must have your favorite blog or books to follow for the same.

Jeff Bezos has short term philanthropy plans as he says that he doesn’t have ridiculous amount of money like Bill Gates. He wants to convert Amazon’s revenue to the space travel project, “Blue Origin”.

Even though, Jeff Bezos’s each and every word teaches us many things but my favorite is:

“If you are doing new or innovation, you must be willing to be misunderstood”.

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