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Starting a Business? Then You must follow Plan - Research - Plan format!

Starting a Business? Then You must follow Plan - Research - Plan format!

I often get this question, “How to start a business?”. It may seem to be a silly question, but it is not. It is one of the most asked and most important question for a business enthusiast. Before starting any of our work, we must know how to start it so as a business.

What do you think? Is “How” enough to start a business? Off course not. It is also necessary you must ask yourself first, what to start. The key to start a business is to ask as much as question as possible. Ask these questions either to yourself or to other or you may read my blog, just kidding.

In the juggle of what and how, you must not forget to ask yourself why. Yes, why you should start your business is a must asked question. Let say you are doing a job which interests you the least and one of you is doing a job which interests you the most. So, the probability of the one not satisfied with their job is high to start a business.

Business is a great idea, whereas entrepreneurship is a wonderful idea. Okay enough of hustle. Firstly, think on below points:

1. Why do you want to start a business and not continuing your job?

2. Do you have a business idea? Is your business idea unique enough?

3. Do you have a full proof plan? Is your business sustainable?

4. What if your business will not go as per the plan?

5. Do you have any backup plan?

You must have already understood from the above points that planning is the most important stump of any business. Proper planning is required. You can always start the plan of your business by asking above questions to yourself. You can also have your own customized questions but remember to make it worthwhile.

Once the initial planning is done on why and what to start, research must go on to find out the answer for how. An intensive research is requirement for anything to start in our life and this holds right for the business as well. Do research on each bit of the plan.

Few points to remember while doing research:

1. Research such as way that it should be extensive as well as to the point.

2. Your research must match to the point mentioned in your initial plan.

3. Note down all the researched points and arrange it in a proper way.

Once the research is done, next comes planning again. Now the proper plan must be set to start the business. While planning, it must be taken care off that the plan should be done not only to start the business but also on how to sustain the business. In todays era, where the competition is high, sustainability also plays an important role.

This time, planning must be in a more structured way so, that it will help you to create a strategy. This plan must be a permanent one where no major alteration needs to be done. No matter how much life is uncertain, your plan must be the most structured one.

If you have a plan, you will ultimately have a goal and continue working towards your goal through your research. “Plan-Research-Plan” is the best format to keep the work moving, which ultimately helps you to achieve your goal. No matter you are starting a business or a job or anything, this format will keep you focussed on your goal and will definitely help you to optimize your workflow and process.

If you are winding up with this article, then you must be a passionate person. So, I think this article will surely interests you – “Will You Choose Passion Over Money?”.

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