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Will You Choose Passion Over Money?

No doubt, money is an important thing, but does it matter over your happiness?

Beyond a specific number, money is a useless figure for almost all of us. If you have a decent considerable amount of savings with no liabilities and living a lavish life, then what else do you want from life.

At the initial phase, everybody needs money to make their life stable. You are no exception. A doctor is known for his medical skills, not for what he charges per consultation or operation. A soldier is known for his hard work done to protect the country, not for the reward he receives. An engineer is known for his technical skills and not for the salary he receives at the end of the month. So as everyone as an individual. We all are known for the work we deliver and how efficiently we deliver, and money follows it.

What our ancestors thought?

Our wise ancestors said it honestly, do your work with full heart and money will follow you. But what they forgot to mention in this context that how we channelize our mind through it. Yes, the need of the era is to channelize our mind correctly and efficiently so that we can reach our goal. Take a minute and mould your mind to think, what if you were a scientist. What would you have loved? To spend your time on research or to do some different job to earn an endless amount of money. You would have chosen your passion.

“Make your Passion as your Work, Money is just an Output.”

Exactly, passion is what matters. You must start identifying your passion first, then try to make it as your regular work and money will just become the reward of your excellency. Great people always focus on their work and tries to improve their work with time. Their focus remains work as work is wealth for them, whereas an average common man still runs after money without allocating time to improve their skills.

So, basically, you can follow these few steps to make a balance in your life:

· Identify your passion by taking up multiple hobbies.

· Follow your passion until it becomes your work.

· Focus on your work until you become master’s in it.

· Once you become skilled, improve it day by day.

· And then what! The money will follow you up.

Nowadays it has become a new normal to make a work-life balance. Even if it is impossible to achieve 100%, but still one who is dedicated can achieve it with a considerable percentage. Why to wake up every morning and get irritated by the thought of leaving for office. Instead, imagine you are already working on something which you love, and that is none other than your passion. Trust me you will wake up in the morning and get ready on time to go for the work. Is not it amazing, yes, it is!

Guidance is must to find out Passion!

It is a big call to all those parents and guardians to guide their children to pursue their passion and not to choose a carrier which is not of any interest. That may give them a substantial amount of money but only for a small amount of time. So, be wiser and think on the point whether you must focus on earning money or horning the skills of your passion. By now, you all must have become smart enough to imagine that your work will become your success eventually if that’s your passion or else it will become the worst failure you ever have.

Yes, we all also need to keep it in mind that until we make our passion as our career, we must sustain economically with some other work. By the point, you get to work on your passion, do not look back because that would be the time for you to fly. So, choose your passion, work on it, and money will eventually follow you.

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